Hi to all the great New England Patriot Fans here in The Villages.  My name is Roger Homan and I am new to The Villages.  When I got here I wanted to join a Patriots Club, I heard about the 2,600+ clubs and I was sure that the NEP had a huge club, since the Red Sox Nation here in The Villages is the largest club.  To my astonishment, I found out there was no Patriot Club.  So that day I found out how to start one and here we are.

My job before I retired was the statistician for The New England Patriots at Foxboro MA. Couldn’t ask for a better job.

Our goal is to get present and former Patriot players to come to The Villages and tell us their story.  I also want to get together every Sunday and have a group of fun loving Patriots Fans meet for every Pats game. View Photos on our home page and “Events” on the right side bar for more details.